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Parent & Baby: The Man Who Invented Christmas

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Running time: 104 mins

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This screening is only open to parents and guardians with babies under one year old. Membership is free and valid until the baby's first birthday.

The film is played at a lower volume level and with the lights on low. These screenings are only for parents and guardians and their babies. So there’s no need to worry about disturbing other guests while your film’s playing.

Starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Beauty and the Beast) as Charles Dickens, The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the true story of how the iconic author came to write the seminal yuletide novel A Christmas Carol in only six weeks. Set in 1840s London, Dickens had been struggling to come up with fresh ideas after the failure of his last three works. However, when he's inspired by the vision of a story that would fire the hearts of humanity, he set out to write and self-publish a book that would reignite his career - in just six weeks. As the likes of Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Academy Award-winner Christopher Plummer) and The Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future start coming to life in his head, Dickens created a masterpiece that gave birth to the Christmas we know and love today.

Parent & Baby screenings will return in the new year with The Greatest Showman on Thursday 4 January at 10.30

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