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If....Featuring Q&A and Book signing with David Wood

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Running time: 135 mins

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Director: Lindsay Anderson. Starring: Malcolm McDowell, David Wood and Richard Warwick. UK 1968. 111mins.

We are delighted to welcome David Wood, co-star of if . . . . and author of Filming if . . . . to this special 50th Anniversary Q&A Screening.

Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 film has earned cult film status and is regarded as one of the best British films of all time. When teenage rebel Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) returns to his upper-crust English public school, he is caught between the sadistic older boys known as the Whips and the first-year students, known as Scum, who are forced to do their bidding. The misdemeanours and anti-social behaviour of Travis and his two henchmen, Johnny (David Wood) and Wallace (Richard Warwick), soon attract the attention of both the Whips and the school's out-of-touch administration, and lead to an unexpected showdown.

David will give an introduction to the film, answer your questions at the end and sign copies of his book.

Filming if . . . . contains David’s memories of taking part in the film, the personalities involved, the day-to-day challenges, excitements and fun, and the reception given to the film, including its winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Wood also describes the brilliance of the idiosyncratic director, Lindsay Anderson and his team.

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