A season of Pat Church’s favourite films, each with a personal introduction, reflecting on why the film has a special place in his heart.

Don’t miss the chance to see these carefully curated films on the big screen again on selected Sunday afternoons.

Green Book (12A)
Sunday 03 January, 14:30

“I wanted to start off my six film selection with the most recent release first as this 2018 film completely blew me away and I never felt it deserved the initial negative reviews it got.

With all the right ingredients: comedy, drama, music, and love, come and join me and you won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise.” – Pat Church

The Untouchables (15)
Sunday 17 January, 14:30

“Up next is one of my favourite films of the ‘80s and a perfect tribute to the late Sean Connery.

The Untouchables is the 1987 crime film that won Sean the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.” – Pat Church

Jaws (12A)
Sunday 31 January, 14:30

“On its original release in 1985 it was labelled as a Horror/Thriller and became a benchmark for the new era of Summer Blockbusters.

The only way to view this film is on the big screen. So cling to your seats, here comes Jaws!” – Pat Church

Mamma Mia! The Movie (PG)
Sunday 14 February, 14:30

“The Summer delight of 2008, and one of the most vibrant musicals I have seen for many years.

So let’s all join in and brighten up the Winter blues.” – Pat Church

The Magnificent Seven (PG)
Sunday 28 February, 14:30

“When this film came out in 1960 Westerns were the staple diet for cinema viewing. But when was the last time you or anyone else watched such a film on a cinema screen?

So come on, let’s all be cowboys again for the afternoon! And of course, the cowgirls can come and watch their favourite movie stars as well.” – Pat Church

Blue Hawaii (PG)
Sunday 14 March, 14:30

“Elvis’ films are always fun to have on screen and even 47 years after his death, he and his songs have never aged.

The final film in this season of Pat’s Movie Greats is here to brighten up your daily routine and put a smile on your face.”
– Pat Church