Meet Max

Meet Max

After working in upmarket gastro pubs in Surrey for the past 6 years Max has moved back to Suffolk and decided to take up a new venture here at Abbeygate Cinema and No.4 Restaurant and Bar.

“My focus is on clean, fresh food with my experiences travelling influencing the new menu at No.4. This is reflected in a range of dishes that use sustainably sourced, local ingredients that follow current culinary trends. We have implemented the use of daily specials to offer more than just the set menu, ensuring that there is something new and different to try on each visit. We have also refreshed our baked goods offer to provide something unique to Bury St Edmunds, whilst continuing our focus on fresh, exciting food. 

I have built a young and enthusiastic team, all driven towards making Abbeygate Cinema a place to visit for more than just a movie. We have a fantastic new baker working alongside an experienced chef who specialises in international dishes and top-quality meats.

Personally, my travels throughout Africa and beyond have helped to shape my awareness of sustainability and understand the impact that my food has on the world around me. We have begun using the best local suppliers and building relationships with producers, gamekeepers and farmers to ensure that we know where our food comes from, why it’s great and how it finds its way onto your plate.

Moving forwards we will aim to provide an ever-evolving menu full of fresh colours and flavours, a range of home baked treats with a unique twist that will see us stand out in a cosmopolitan market. 

It has been great having so many of you back to eat with us and we look forward to welcoming lots of new faces to No.4 Restaurant and Bar.”

Max, Head Chef