Social Distancing Update 10/12/21

Social Distancing Update 10/12/21

Wednesday’s Government announcement means that the wearing of masks is mandatory again in screens and moving around the cinema building. The previous exemptions of not having to wear a mask when you are eating and drinking remain. We hope you’ll feel that’s all the more reason to stop off at the Box Office on the way in.

This doesn’t represent a huge change for us as we’ve continued to encourage the wearing of masks throughout. We took that decision as hope that our environment feels as inclusive and safe for as many people as possible. We do respect though that some may have genuine reasons for not wearing face coverings, and we continue to ask everyone to be respectful of each other’s personal choices.

At Abbeygate we have worked incredibly hard as a team to ensure that we remain a warm, welcoming and safe place to be. We increased cleaning, introduced hand sanitising points and additional hand washing facilities, chose to wear masks as a team and added screens at till points. As well as all of this, we are reintroducing selected socially distanced screenings. I hope that all of you that have visited, feel safe and confident in continuing to visit us. Your support really is appreciated and is so important to us as we approach what is usually a traditionally busy time.

We have some huge, genuine blockbusters coming out with West Side Story, Spiderman and The King’s Man which are all on sale, along with everybody’s festive favourites.

Despite my reassurances I’m sure that there will be people who prefer not to return at this point, and I totally understand and respect that. For anybody in that position but who’d still like to support us, I would encourage you to buy a gift voucher which can be used in No.4 or Abbeygate. We also have fundraising options on the website. A raffle ticket, costing only £10, potentially wins you a private screen hire as well as Building Blocks returning until the end of December.

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope that 2022 will be a very good year for all our customers and supporters at Abbeygate.

 Gareth Boggis

General Manager