An Update On Social Distancing at Abbeygate

An Update On Social Distancing at Abbeygate

I am writing to bring a further update on how Summer has been for Abbeygate, as well some additional details on our future plans.

Traditionally Summer can often be a challenging time for a cinema, and whilst this year has been slightly better, it’s fair to say that we are all selfishly excited about night’s drawing in and colder weather coming soon. There is also the arrival of Bond, ‘No Time To Die’, which is available to book now! With showings from Thursday 30th September. After ‘No Time To Die’, there is a deluge of top-quality films waiting to follow closely behind, ensuring that 2021 ends with a bang.

It would be amiss to avoid any mention of COVID. As, hopefully, any one of you who’ve visited can attest too, we have worked hard to ensure we are safe whilst maintaining the warmth and comfort that we pride ourselves on. I kept social distancing to a time where we were no longer required to, but that I felt was right. I have now decided, after consulting with the team and customers, that the time is right now to change this further. From the 10th September, we will be reducing distancing to just the seat either side before removing it completely on Friday 24th. Before then we’ve got two events planned, a special screening in Screen 1 and a screening in our Premier Screen, without social distancing to try to acclimatise everyone to the change. Both you, as guests, and our team. Whilst we look to change social distancing, we are still encouraging everyone to wear masks whilst moving around the building and in the screens. Working together, we can continue to ensure everyone feels safe at Abbeygate.

I appreciate that the removal of social distancing and some of the changes are highly emotive topics, and welcome feedback. After a very challenging 18 months, I need to ensure that we are in the best position possible for the rest of 2021 and looking ahead to a brighter 2022.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Gareth Boggis