Changes to Social Distancing from 19 July

Changes to Social Distancing from 19 July

Hello everyone,

As promised, here is the update to our plan following the Government announcement
around the lifting remaining restrictions. I have taken my time to speak to customers and
our team before finalising our plan.

From Monday the 19th of July, we will retain social distancing in all three screens. We will be
changing how that looks though. When you book a seat, the seat in front and behind, as well
as the one either side of you will be blocked off. As well as this we will be maintaining the
rest of our existing COVID-19 measures, so we hope you feel assured if you’d already been in
or confident ahead of a future visit.

Hand sanitising points will remain throughout the building and we encourage customers to
use them. We’ll be keeping our protective screens on the Kiosk and the restaurant bar. We’ll
still be running table service, as before, with the benefit of being able to order from table via
your phone. Staff will continue to wear face coverings whilst serving on the floor and in face
to face situations. Enhanced cleaning of the cinema will continue between performances.

What will change however is that, by law, our customers will not be required to wear a face
covering- but we would implore you to wear one anyway. Our beautiful, Historic building
features public areas that are of limited space, meaning you may be in close proximity to
others when moving around. We ask that you keep your face covering in place and only
remove it when sat in our auditoriums eating or drinking, or sat at a table in No.4. Let us
show respect toward fellow cinema-goers and staff, working together to keep each other

If you booked tickets before the Government’s announcement, please be aware that
social distancing in screens will be different. Your seat will remain the same. If you have
any concerns or issues, please speak to us and we will endeavour to resolve it.
This will be reassessed at a future point, however I want to be cautious and help our
customers and staff regain confidence before we look to remove all social distancing
measures completely.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Gareth Boggis
General Manager