Quarantine Q+A with Pat

Quarantine Q+A with Pat

As the third national lockdown looms, we’re taking the time to get you more acquainted with our wonderful team. This time we talk to FOH Manager, Pat.

How long have you been a part of the Abbeygate Team?

Would you believe it’s now 55 years.

What’s your favourite film? Why should people watch it?

That’s a million dollar question for me, have seen thousand upon thousands of films during my lifetime in cinema, every event in my life is defined with a film title and I have favorites from all different genres of films, I love to see an audience rock with laughter at a good comedy, tapping the arm of their seat in beat with a musical and humming a favorite tune on the way out, the one’s that look scared to death after watching a horror film, small groups huddled together discussing the subject matter of a film they have just watched. The list is endless.

What are you watching right now?

I am at the present time re-viewing a selection of films in memory of Sean Connery to date I am watching “The Molly Maguires” – brilliant film ( I know, you have never heard of it!).

Any book recommendations?

Well I would have to say my own autobiography “The Smallest Show On Earth” due to popular demand I have (reel two) coming out shortly “Mr Movie Man”.

What are you listening to?

I again have a diverse range in musical taste depending of my mood at the time of course many from films and shows, I do like a Country and Western session, I also listen in to more modern day songs and performances to try and keep me up to date with all the youngster’s around me.

What’s your lockdown guilty pleasure?

I have done most of the cooking since lockdown and put on nearly half a stone in weight (I do feel guilty) the pain will come taking it off again.

What’s your favourite thing to have happened at Abbeygate?

After 46 years of nurturing the business and dreaming of a third screen,  words cannot describe how I felt to be part of the opening of our new Premier Screen.

What are you most excited to do when this is over?

Get back into the cinema, in full evening dress and welcome all our patron’s back home.